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S & L Foster Family Agency is a 501(C)(3) non-profit organization, and it was created by two women with experience as social workers, who have the desire to help at-risk children within the foster care system. S & L was dedicated to our family members who passed away in 2021, Sandra and Louis, as this agency was beautifully inspired by the lives that they led. Together we are excited to share this mission with the children, families, and supporters as we begin this wonderful journey to change the stigma of foster care as we see it through the lens of ministry.

Who We Are

Our Vision
Our vision at S & L Foster Family Agency is for every child/youth to have a loving, and nurturing home that supports a stable future.

Our Vision

Lakiesha Hohl, Founder

At an early age, Lakiesha had a great interest in adoption, and wanted to adopt a child of her own one day. She enjoyed working with children at age 16 and sought a job as a youth teacher’s aide with a local YMCA; later becoming a director.

After graduating high school, Lakiesha earned her bachelor's degree in human services management, and a master’s degree in psychology.  Lakiesha sought a career in the field of ABA therapy, working with children with developmental delays. Through the field of ABA therapy, Lakiesha developed a passion to continue to help at-risk children and began her journey as a social worker. During this time, Lakiesha’s desire increased to help raise awareness for children within the foster care system and developed opportunities for youth who were soon to age out of foster care.

Lakiesha’s background includes working with children within the Intensive Services Foster Care (ISFC) Program, Adoption, as well as Social and Adaptive Skills Programs.  In 2018, Lakiesha welcomed two beautiful daughters as they became permanent members of her family through adoption. Lakiesha is a wife and a mother of 6 children, who enjoys spending quality time with her family. As a Director of S & L Foster Family Agency, she is determined to help children within foster care. She inspires to provide opportunities for foster youth and young parents within the system, and to provide them with resources that can equip them for a successful life.

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Meet Our Founders
Lakiesha Hohl, Founder
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Myra Hernandez, Founder

Myra has always been called to help others since she was very young; she remembers providing “counseling” or advice to others older than her since she was about 15 years of age. Myra believes that people always confided in her and this sprung a desire to be in the helping profession. Myra’s experience with children began early on in her career as she worked as a Teacher’s Aide in a Child Development Center right after graduating high school. She pursued a bachelor’s degree in psychology and then graduated with a master’s degree in Counseling Psychology with a minor in Professional Clinical Counseling. During this time, Myra was working as a paraprofessional in ABA therapy working with children who had developmental delays and quickly moved up to a training position and eventually became a supervisor creating custom programs for the clients. This led Myra to the field of social work in which she immediately felt this is what she was called to do!


Myra’s experience includes working with children and youth in the foster care system, medically fragile, Intensive Services Foster Care (ISFC) Program, and adoption. Myra is a devoted wife, speaker at her church Fountain of Truth, a Christian Counseling Professor at the Fountain of Truth Bible Institute, and a proud aunt of 4 boys. 


As a Director of S & L Foster Family Agency, she is devoted to training social workers to reach their highest potential in order to service the children, youth, and families above expectation. She is determined to create a culture where foster children and youth are viewed from the lens of needing to be served and finding families who see this as a ministry overall. 

Myra Hernandez, Founder

Your Support is Appreciated

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