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Our goal is to provide educational services, safe housing, creative outlets, therapy, career guidance, teen parenting workshops and ongoing opportunities to empower youth through mentorships. While we are currently underway in pursuing this goal, we need your help in accomplishing it. 

You can help by making a one time donation or in setting up recurring monthly donations. Your support is key!

You also have the option of donating to one of our projects directly. 

See descriptions below.

“My Bedding”

Children and youth receive a customized comforter set with a matching decorative item (i.e., poster, wall décor, and/or decorative pillow, etc.), books, mattress protectors, and a pillow for their bedroom helping to establish a sense of pride and security. Our process: resource parents, social workers, and/or youth submit their request, we purchase the items, and then we have them ready for pick up in our office. These items will remain in their care even if they transition into a new home or out of foster care. 

Career Development

“Celebrate Me”

As a way to honor culture and major milestones for our youth, we assist with celebrations and special achievements this can include a cake, a gift, and other items that make them feel special. We also provide hair care and hygiene products to ensure their basic needs are met as well as give free hair tutorials to youth and foster parents who are caring for culturally diverse children/youth. 


Our goal is to develop self-efficient young adults through culturally sensitive programs. Our youth are provided with free one-on-one educational & career guidance through training, community services, mentorships for careers of interest, life skills and workshops  to encourage healthy lifestyles. All youth are provided with a binder and a transition checklist to help them organize and achieve their goals.  


Let's Make A Change

Here are some ways you can donate:

Cash or Check

Mail to:

6101 Cherry Ave. Suite #110

Fontana, CA 92336

You can also Zelle us at




S & L Foster Family Agency

S & L FFA is a registered 501(c)(3) organization, documentation available upon request.

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